Chill Out's is a FCI-registered kennel containing of us, Lars Henricson & Camilla Bergman.

We are located in Ryssbält, Kalix, in the north part of Sweden.

We have passed the Swedish Kennel Club ”Breeders Education”.

Dogs have always been a part of our lives.

With Lasse for use in hunting. With Camilla for obedience / tracking, agility and show. During my (Camilla) 37 years with dogs I have participated in several courses and been an instructor / assistant instructor. Today I'm active in our Local Kennel Club.

Lars has chosen to work with the breed Finnish Hound because he thinks it is an excellent dog to use for hunting.

Miniature Bullterrier is a breed that stole our hearts with it´s amazing personality.

We have high demands when it comes to our breeding. Each litter is planned very carefully and we select our breeding stock with greatest care.

All our dogs are health tested before they are bred. Our aim is to breed healthy, mentally strong and beautiful dogs Our dogs live indoors, together with us, the pups that are brought up will be well socialized when they go to their new homes.

As we want to follow the puppies´ development through life, it is important that we have good contact with our puppybuyers, and with a good contact, we can also feel calm knowing that the buyer will contact us if problems or something else occur.

Our puppies are only sold to homes that can offer the puppy/dog an active, loving, an thus an eventful life.

You are always welcome to contact us for help and support!

If you have some questions – feel free to ask!

~ Lars Henricson & Camilla Bergman ~