Chill Outīs Wheels On My Heels is mated with SE UCH Bulliebompaīs Hellafont
We hope to have puppies around christmas =)

SE UCH Bulliebompaīs Hellafont

Champion Chill Outīs Morning Mist has got some CAC/club CAC in both Germany & Denmark!

Eywas Captain Kelly "Elsa", who lives with co-owner Emma, has got 4 CAC in
juniorclass in Sweden/Finland this summer.
Here she is together with
SE JW-12 SE W-12 SE W-13 C.I.B SEUCH NOUCH FIUCH BISS Chill Outīs Mont Blanc "Kalle"
at Swedish terrierclubs show where Elsa got BOS & Kalle BOB

C.I.B SEUCH NOUCH FIUCH Chill Outīs Mercedes

Chill Outīs Ray-Ban 1 year

Chill Outīs Playboy 1 year

Chill Outīs Unica Of Sweden 1 year

Chill Outīs Aldebaran 1 year

Chill Outīs Limited Edition 6 months

SE UCH Chill Outīs Jailhouse Rock has become a father to a nice litter of 8 puppies

at Kennel Bulliebompaīs =)

Bulliebompaīs Million Dollars will be living with co-owner Malin.

 SE UCH Chill Outīs Zoulmate

Chill Outīs Edna "Ella" has been on a huntingtest in Norway!
She become Norwegian huntingchampion!
BIG CONGRATS to Johan and his family!

Chill Outīs Edna "Ella" has been on a BIG huntingtest in Finland.
She got 2nd place among 72 dogs that entered!
She also become Finnish huntingchampion!
BIG CONGRATS to Johan and his family!

Chill Outīs Ray-Ban 8 months

Chill Outīs Oscar The Black Star 8 months

Vestbull Cinnamon Lure At ChillOuts 7 months

International show in Kajaani, Finland
Chill Outīs Mercedes got CAC & res CACIB and is now:


Swedish Kennelclubs international show - Swedish Winner 2013

Chill Outīs Mont Blanc best male, CACIB & BOS & is now:
Swedish winner 2013
Swedish winner 2012
Swedish Juniorwinner 2012
Swedish champion
Finnish champion
Norwegian champion
NORDIC champion

Chill Outīs Maigold got Excellent!

Chill Outīs Playboy "Tibbe"  6 months ..
Chill Outīs Playboy 6 månader ...

International show Slovakia
Chill Outīs Sir Of Sweden BOB and become International champion!

Unoff. show in Hudiksvall
Chill Outīs Ray-Ban BEST IN SHOW puppy!
BIG CONGRATS Tomas & Anna-Karin & family!

Unoff. show
Chill Outīs Unica Of Sweden BEST IN SHOW 4 puppy!
BIG CONGRATS Cathrine & family!

International show in Sundsvall
Chill Outīs Mont Blanc BOB, BOG-4

Chill Outīs Oscar The Black Star, 5 months

Chill Outīs Playboy and his friend Bengtsson

Chill Outīs Peak Performance

DCBT Clubsieger Show
Chill Outīs Puma 2nd in puppyclass!
Congrats Martin & Melanie!

Rostock International show
Chill Outīs Morning Mist "Snoopy" got CAC, CACIB & BOB!
BIG CONGRATS Janni & Christoffer!

Swedish kennelclubs national show Öland/Böda
Chill Outīs Maigold CAC & BOB!

Chill Outīs Morning Mist "Snoopy" got VDH CAC & Club CAC in Bremen!
BIG CONGRATS Janni & Christoffer!

SE W-12 SE JW-12 BISS Chill Outīs Mont Blanc does it again!!!!!!
He becomes BOB at the Swedish Bullterrierclubs Openshow 2013!
Ca 130 bullterriers/miniaturebullterriers entered this show!
Then he become BIS2 - We are so happy & proud!!

SE JW-12 SE W-12 Chill Outīs Mont Blanc has got many nice results
in the showrings in Norway, Finland & Sweden this summer!

Also Chill Outīs Mercedes have had a great summer with big success in the showrings!

Chill Outīs Magnifica "Gun" BOB & CAC at Swedish Terrierclubs National show

SE JCH Solstrimmans Finn-Odessa is now also Swedish show champion!

Chill Outīs Oscar The Black Star
Owner: Svetlana Gromova, Kennel Human Sight, Russia

Chill Outīs Puma
Owner: Martin Laab, Kennel Of House Targaryen, Germany

Chill Outīs Ray-Ban ...

Chill Outīs D For Diamonds ...

Chill Outīs Playboy ,,,

Rocky Swedish Champion!
Swedish kennelclubs International show in Österbybruk
Judge: Anna-Lena Munkvall
Chill Outīs Jailhouse Rock best male, CAC, CACIB, BOS & SE UCH!
CONGRATS Jakob & Lilian!

Pic by: Anna Karlsson

Welcome Elsa, Eywas Captain Kelly!
E. Diabolique Face Sajkos Bulldom
U. Epic Fairy
Lives with co-owners Emma & Kristoffer!

Swedish Kennelclubs National show in Piteå/Sjulnäs
Judge: Britta Roos-Börjeson
SE V-12 SE JV-12 Chill Outīs Mont Blanc, best male, CAC & BOB
Chill Outīs Mercedes, best female, CAC & BOS
CONGRATS Morgan, Anna-Maria & Jutta!

Swedish Terrierclubs National show in Hörby
Chill Outīs Maigold, best female, CAC & BOB

Swedish Kennelclubs National show in Piteå/Sjulnäs
Judge: Paula Rekiranta, Finland
SE JCH Solstrimmans Finn-Odessa, best female, CAC & BOS

National show in Piteå
Judge: Olle B Häggqvist
SE JCH Solstrimmans Finn-Odessa best female, CAC & BOS

National show in Finland
Judge: Markku Kipinä, Finland

Chill Outīs Mont Blanc, CAC & BOB
Bullbugbearīs Pleasant Riderhood, CAC & BOS

Our lovely girl Utanmyra Mette-Marit, 14 months old
(NO JCH Harefalletīs Ekko x NO JCH FI JCH Musti)

Undertakerīs Purple Rain is mated with -
Bulliebompaīs Ivory Headline - more info at "planned litters" ...

SE UCH Chill Outīs Zoulmate is mated with -
SE W-12 SE JW-12 BISS Chill Outīs Mont Blanc
More info at "planned puppies" ,,,

Chill Outīs Ed Hardy ...

Swedish Kennelclubs International show in Kista/Stockholm
Judge: Dan Ericsson
Chill Outīs Mont Blanc best male, CAC, CACIB & BOB!
CONGRATS Mogge & Anna!

SE W-12 SE JW-12 BISS Chill Outīs Mont Blanc is invited to CETS 2013,
(Continent Europe Trophy Show)

Many thanks to the Trophy Committee :D

CRUFTīS 2013

Chill Outīs Mont Blanc - winner in special junior class,
qualified for Cruftīs 2014!
CONGRATS Mogge & Anna!

Chill Outīs On The Catwalk 5 months ,,,

Chill Outīs Edna got 2nd prize in Field Trial, Elite class.
Congrats Johan & Elin!

SM Falun
Chill Outīs Never Ending Story and her owner Gilbert Backström
becomes Swedish Master! BIG CONGRATS!

International show Gothenburg, My Dog!
Judge : Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki, Finland.

Chill Outīs Maigold best junior, Excellent.
Qualified for Cruftīs 2014!
BIG CONGRATS Nettan with family

Solstrimmans Finn-Odessa "Ylva"  has become Swedish huntingchampion!!!
In just three starts she managed to conquer her title :D
We plan to mate her in January/February 2013 ...

Swedish Kennelclubs international Show - Swedish Winner 2012!
Judge: Colm Beattie, Ireland

Chill Outīs Mont Blanc "Kalle" - Swedish Winner 2012 & Swedish Junior Winner 2012!!!!!!
Best juniormale, best male, CAC & BOS!
Qualified for Cruft's!
BIG CONGRATS Mogge & Anna!

"Kalles" brother Chill Outīs Moonlight "Bosse" was 2nd best junior with  Excellent!
CONGRATS Fredrik & Jessica!

Sister Chill Outīs Maigold VG!

SE UCH Chill Outīs Zoulmate Excellent, 3rd in Championclass

International Show Nitra (Slovakia)
Chill Outīs Sir Of Sweden CAC & CACIB!

Norwegian Winner Show, Lilleström
Chill Outīs Mont Blanc "Kalle" 2nd best male and res CAC.
Congrats Mogge & Anna!

Danish Terrierclub Show, Denmark.
Chill Outīs Morning Mist "Snoopy" best junior, CAC & BOB 18/11
& best junior & res CAC 17/11.
BIG Congrats Janni & Christoffer!

Swedish Kennelclubs international show in Växjö,
Judge: Rajic Branislav, SLOVENIEN

Chill Outīs Maigold "Sizzla" best junior, best female, CAC & BOB!
BIG CONGRATS to Nettan and her family :D
(Sizzla in front)

Chill Outīs Million Dollar Baby "Britta" 6 years old

Chill Outīs Mont Blanc "Kalle" has had a GREAT show weekend!

Swedish Kennelclub international show in Sundsvall:
Best junior, best male, CAC & BOB!

Swedish Terrierclub national show in Njurunda:

Best junior, best male, CAC & BOB!


Solstrimmans Finn-Odessa "Ylva" did her second start at hunting test -
and got her second first prize in openclass!
Now she is ready to start in the eliteclass :D

Chill Outīs Wheels On My Heels got 1 female pup - just 1 pup in this litter!

Chill Outīs Never Ending Story & Gilbert Backström
is now Swedish Master 2012!

Chill Outīs Moonlight "Bosse"

Chill Outīs Maigold & friends

Long time since we updated the homepage ...
Im sure I have forgot some results - if you notice that your dogs
results is not here - please let me know ;)

We thanks all our puppybuyers for keeping us updated :D
It is VERY important for us to follow our "puppies" through life!

Today our ROSE-litter Celebrates 1st Anniversary!

Chill Outīs Month Blanc was Best In Show
at Swedish Bullterrierclubs Openshow 2012 -
only 10 months old!
Totally 150 Bullterriers/Miniature bullterriers
entered this show!
CONGRATS Mogge & Anna!

He also managed to conquer 4 CAC & 4 BOB in 3 weeks,
in Sweden & Finland!

Dobermann - Chill Outīs Never Ending Story "Naomi"
has been on 2 shows this summer and managed to conquer 2 CAC!
CONGRATS Gilbert & Linda!

Solstrimmans Finn-Odessa "Ylva" CACIB & BOB at Gällivare show!

Utanmyra  Mette-Marit 7 months ...

Chill Outīs Morning Mist "Snoopy" was Best In Show puppie
at Danish Terrierclubs Show!
CONGRATS Janni & Christoffer!

JCH Chill Outīs Sir Of Sweden has had a VERY successful summer!
He also got CAC & BOB at Special Bullterrier Club Show Slovakia (SBC)
(The special show winner 2012)


The junior - Chill Outīs Mercedes "Kiila" has conquer 2 finnish CAC this summer!

Chill Outīs Zoulmate "Stina" has become Swedish Champion - SE UCH!

Chill Outīs Jailhouse Rock "Rocky" got CAC in Norrköping and
CAC & CACIB in Borås!

Chill Outīs Masquerade 10 months ,,,

What a GREAT weekend we had in Sundsvall together with
wonderful friends!

Swedish Kennelclub show in Sundsvall 14/4,
Judge Miniature bullterrier: Julija Aidietiene
Judge Finnish Hound: Misterka-Kluska Wies

Chill Outīs Zoulmate "Stina", youthclass, best female, CAC and BOB
SE CH Fenomen od Rudej Weidzmy BOS

Chill Outīs Jailhouse Rock "Rocky", 2nd best male, res CAC

Chill Outīs Mont Blanc "Kalle", HP & BOB-puppy

Chill Outīs Monte Casino "Frank", Hp 2nd best male puppy

Solstrimmans Finn-Odessa "Ylva" best female, CQ & BOS
Ruskametsän Manu BOB

Swedish Terrierclub show in Njurunda 15/4,
Judge: Adults, Danny Gilmour & puppies, Benny Blid,

Chill Outīs Mont Blanc "Kalle", HP, BOB-puppy & BEST IN SHOW 4

Chill Outīs Monte Casino "Frank", HP 2nd best male puppy

Chill Outīs Jailhouse Rock "Rocky", 2nd best male, res CAC
Chill Outīs Zoulmate "Stina" VG

Rocky with his mother Tilly

BIG CONGRATS to HANNE & BACON for the new title: Luxemborg Champion!
Only 2,5 years old she has those titles:
C.I.B LuxCh SwedCh NorwCh DanCh FinCh NordCh WW-11 DKW-11 SeW-11
Bulliebompaīs Gill Sans

Bacons father: C.I.B NordCh, SwedCh FinCh NorwCh Worrigal King Of Camelot "Elvis"

Chill Outīs Never Ending Story "Naomi" got 2 Swedish Master medals at
competition, Silver the first day and Bronze the other day! They also got CAC and 2 new titles Drh 2 & Drh 3

BIG CONGRATS Gilbert & Linda!

Chill Outīs Peak Performance "Bosse" entered at Malmö International show.
Judge: Zoran Brankovic

Judge told:
Big and strong. Typical head. Good developed head. Strong neck.
Good top and bottom lines. Well set tail. Well developed chest.
Typical coat, color and temperament!
Result: Excellent
Congrats Jerry with family!

Chill Outīs Mercedes "Kiila" playing ...

Chill Outīs Sir Of Sweden ...

Chill Outīs Edna has been on a huntingtest
Judge: Lars Lundqvist
Result: Openclass 1 (120/58)

National show in Gideå
Judge: Sara Häggqvist
Chill Outīs Edna got CQ, Res CAC and 3rd best bitch.

Congrats to owners Johan & Elin for nice results!

Chill Outīs Monte Casino has been on his first show.
Judge: Nina Karlsdotter
Result: BOB-puppy & BOG 4!

Congrats Farre!

Chill Outīs Maigold 4,5 months old ...

Ready to go ...

Chill Outīs Jailhouse Rock health tested OK:
Eyes, heart, kidneys, patella & skin. PLL CLEAR.

Worrigal King Of Camelot has done his yearly health tests OK:
Eyes, heart, kidneys & skin.
Patella and BAER OK, PLL CLEAR.

Finally our computer is back home -
time for some updates  :)

Planned litter of miniature bullterrier
- more info at "Puppies" - planned litter ,,,

Chill Outīs Zoulmate, Chill Outīs Filippa K and Chill Outīs Wheels On My Heels
have been health tested ok: Eyes, heart, patella, kidneys and skin!

Chill Outīs Jailhouse Rock

Chill Outīs Peak Performance
Chill Outīs Peak Performance "Bosse"

Chill Outīs Ed Hardy

Chill Outīs Monte Casino

Chill Outīs Mercedes, 4 months

Chill Outīs Masquerade, 4 months

Chill Outīs Mini Love, 4 months

Chill Outīs Maigold, 4 months

Chill Outīs Magnifica

16/1 -2012
R.I.P Come As You Are Leia Organa ... our beautiful princess ♥
Leia has been so healthy until few days ago when she start cough.
We went to the vet and he told us that Leia had DCM ...
Leia was 8 years old. We are heartbroken :ī(


All puppies have now moved to their new homes ...

Familjen Bergqvist & Moonlight

Farhang Nijad & Monte Casino

Nielsen family & Morning Mist

Teemu Rantila, Mari & Masquerade

Wiklund-Bjuhr family & Mont Blanc

Fransson family & Maigold

Jutta Tiensuu & Mercedes

Markus Pettersson & Magnifica

Jeanette Melander, Andreas & Mini Love

Worrigal King Of Camelot "Elvis" daughter Bulliebompaīs Gill Sans "Bacon"
has been on a International Show in Spain, Alicante.
Results Day 1: BOB, BOG 2, Day 2: BOB, BOG 1 & BIS 3 !!!!!!

Chill Outīs Sir Of Sweden is health tested ok:
Doppler, kidneys (sono, blood, UPC), patella,
BAER and complete analyse of blood and urine.

Becci and her 6,5 weeks old puppies ...

Leia 8 years old ,,,

Elvis daughter Bulliebompaīs Gill Sans won BOG in Denmark!
BIG congrats to Bulliebompaīs & owner Hanne Winninge.

Only 2 years old she is:

World Winner 2011
Swedish Winner 2011
Danish Winner 2011
Swedish Champion
Norwegian Champion
Finnish Champion
Danish Champion
Dutch Clubwinner 2011
Norwegian Clubwinner 2011
and 2 times Group Winner

Chill Outīs Million Dollar Baby is bloodtracking ...

Elvis (Worrigal King Of Camelot) daughters had a GREAT show weekend!

Swedish Terrierclub Show in Sollentuna, Judge Charlotta Mellin
Bulliebompaīs Gill Sans got BOB and CAC
She also become CHAMPION!
2 years and 3 days old she is:

World Winner 2011, Swedish Winner 2011, Swedish- Norwegian- and Finnish Champion !!!

Swedish Kennelclub International Show in Sundsvall, Judge Helen Tonkson
Proprius Bentley, Best Junior, Best female, CAC and BOS
SE UCH NO UCH Chill Outīs Always On My Mind, Best female2, CACIB


Chill Outīs Jailhouse Rock ...

Sune (Mooncraftīs Royal Face) ...

30/9 -2011
Puppies are born, 5 males & 4 females ,,,

Club Show KABT - Jindrichuv Hradec
Judge: Linda McGregor ( Merlindan )

Chill Outīs Sir Of Sweden
Junior class- excellent 1, CAJC...
Linda McGregor (Merlindan)

Chill Outīs Sir Of Sweden,
Juniorclass, Excellent 1, CAJC

Special Bullterrier Show Slovakia
Chill Outīs Sir Of Sweden
Junior class- Excellent 1, CAJC, BEST JUNIOR
Judge: Bill Leslie ( BILLMARIS)

"Sune" - Mooncraftīs Royal Face, born 11/9-2010
(CH Mooncraftīs Just for Minucco x CH Mooncraftīs Princess of Showland)

Swedish Winner Show in Norrköping
Breedjudge: Steven Seymour, Australia
Groupjudge: William Devilleneuve, USA

Elvis daughter WW-11 SEW-11 Bulliebompaīs Gill Sans "Bacon" got
BOB, Swedish Winner -11 and
then she wins the Terrier Group!!!
WOW - we are so happy! BIG CONGRATS!!!

Happy Birthday to all puppies from "clothing brand" litter - today they are 1 year old

Swedish Terrierclub Show in Piteå 13/8, judge Kurt Nilsson, Sweden

C.I.B NORDUCH Worrigal King Of Camelot "Elvis" got BOB,

"Elvis" daughters:

Chill Outīs Wheels On My Heels "Siri" got CAC and BOS

Proprius Bentley "Freja" got 2nd best female, Res-CERT and BIS1-Junior!

Chill Outīs Peak Performance "Bosse"

Swedish Kennelclub Show in Vallentuna, judge Mats Lindborg, Sweden

"Elvis" daughter - Proprius Porsche "Ester" got CAC and BOB!

Dizi Ginga House "Diva" has gone to Nangijala today - 10,5 years old!
We miss you ... R.I.P

National Show in Kalix, Sweden 7/8, Judge, Aina Lundmark, Sweden.
Solstrimmans Finn-Odessa "Ylva", openclass 1, CQ, 3rd best female.

International Show in Tornio, Finland 24/7, judge Cindy Pettersson, Sweden

Chill Outīs Ed Hardy "Edwin", best junior, best male, CAC and BOB
Chill Outīs Filippa K "Doris", juniorclass, Res CAC and 2nd best female
SE UCH NO UCH Chill Outīs Always On My Mind "Rut", Excellent

International Show in Piteå, Sweden 16/7, judge Veli Pekka Kumpumäki, Finland

Chill Outīs Filippa K "Doris", best junior, best female, CAC and BOB

NORDIC CH Morhar Tilly Trotter At Saredon "Tilly", Excellent

World Winner Dog Show in Paris 2011 !!!

We are so happy !!!
Elvis (Worrigal King Of Camelot) daughter Bulliebompas Gill Sans "Bacon" is now
World Winner 2011 and BOB!
CONGRATULATIONS to Bulliebompas & Hanne and also wonderful, wonderful "Bacon".

International show in Trondheim, Norway 3/7.
Judge: Normann Deschuymere, Belgia

Chill Outīs Always On My Mind "Rut" got CAC, CACIB and BOB,
she is now also Norwegian Champion.
Congratulations to Mogge, Anna and "Rut".

International show in Rovaniemi, Finland 25/6.
Judge: Massimiliano Mannucci, Italy.

We had a great weekend in Rovaniemi together with lovely friends/puppybuyers!


Chill Outīs Filippa K "Doris", best junior, best female, CAC and BOB

Chill Outīs Ed Hardy "Edvin", best junior, best male, CAC and BOS

Chill Outīs Wheels On My Heels "Siri", CACIB, 2nd best female

SE UCH NO UCH Chill Outīs Always On My Mind "Rut", Very Good

The same day we got wonderful news from CZ.
Chill Outīs Sir Of Sweden got Best Junior, JCAC and JBOB!
Judge: Mr Josef Schneider (Xanadu Kennel)
Congratulations Eva!

Edvin ,,,

Chill Outīs Ed Hardy on his first boat trip ...

Swedish Kennelclubs International Show in Gälllivare, Judge Imbimbo Nicola, Italy.
Chill Outīs Filippa K, Juniorclass, CQ, CAC, best female and BOS.
Morhar Tilly Trotter At Saredon, Championclass, Excellent
Chill Outīs Ed Hardy, Juniorclass, Very Good
Chill Outīs Wheels On My Heels, Openclass, Very Good.

Swedish Kennelclubs International Show in Vännäs, Judge Cindy Pettersson.
Chill Outīs Ed Hardy, juniorclass, CQ, CAC and BOB.
Chill Outīs Always On My Mind, openclass, CQ, CAC, CACIB and BOS,
Today she got her Swedish Champion title, 2 years & 1 day old !!!
Congratulations to owners!


Happy Birthday to all puppies from "Elvis" litter - today they are 2 years old!

Got a beautiful picture from Lotta, owner of Filippa K "Doris" ...

Chill Outīs Odessa got price in obedience competition, LpII - GOOD WORK Sandra!

Swedish Kennelclubs National Show in Piteå 21/5,
Miniature Bullterrier, Judge: Harri Lehkonen, Finland.

Chill Outīs Filippa K "Doris" CAC and BOB, 9 months old, owner Liselotte Lundström

Chill Outīs Ed Hardy "Edvin" Very Good, owner Emma Skoog,

Swedish Kennelclubs National Show in Överkalix 15/5,
Dobermann, Judge Arne Foss, Norway
Miniature Bullterrier, Judge Nenne Runsten, Sweden

It has been almost 4 years since our beautiful Leia was entering the showring,
today she was back - still going strong -7,5 years old she got BOB!
Now we will take a short brake but plan to show her in veteranclass this autumn.

  Cool dipp ...

Chill Outīs Filippa K "Doris" BOB-puppy, owner Liselotte Lundström

Chill Outīs Ed Hardy "Edvin" BOS-puppy, owner Emma Skoog

KABT Special Show, CZ 7 Maj, Judges: Bill & Becky Poole

Chill Outīs Sir Of Sweden: VN1, BEST HEAD, BEST MOVEMENTS!

Sir Of Sweden 8 months old ,,,


Swedish Terrier Club Show Skellefteå, Judge: Kurt Nilsson.

Chill Outīs Always On My Mind "Rut" CAC & BOB!

Chill Outīs Ed Hardy "Edvin" BOB-puppy, class 6-9 months!

Chill Outīs Filippa K "Doris" BOS-puppy, class 6-9 months!

Congratulations to Anna & Mogge, Emma & Christoffer, Lotta & Hasse!


Our New Homepage is here! THANKS to Elina at Heel Design!

Chill Outīs Sir Of Sweden BOB-puppy at Slovakia Bullterrier Club Show. Judge: Mr. John Young (Kennel Bullyview)
Congratulations to owner Eva Hajkova,  http://www.bulterierbrno.cz/


Chill Outīs Zoulmate BOB in class 6-9 month and BEST IN SHOW at Swedish Terrier Club Show in Sollentuna!
Judge: Tom Hehir, Ireland. BIS Judge: Maija Mäkinen, Suomi

We have a new female - Undertakerīs Purple Rain.
Thanks Lenka - we are so happy that you decide to sell Becci to us! We also want to thank Tanja (Undertakerīs) for your help ...